The Sign of Pisces and

Comet Bradfield

The Knot Tied

by Steve Santini



Comets are like the tip of a pointer as the divine instructs from the backdrop of the heavens concerning things to shortly come. Between Passover and Pentecost in the spring of 2004, three naked eye visible comets appeared simultaneously in the same vicinity of the night's sky. Two, Comets T7 and Q4, were not surprises. Both had been discovered by satellite imagery and their paths projected long before the spring of 2004. Yet the third went undiscovered until it appeared to William Bradfield telescopically in mid March as it brightened rapidly. There are no historical records of three naked eye visible comets being in the heavens at the same time, much less, all brightening in the western sky after sunset with one path of the three intersecting the other two at fascinating and meaningful points.

Comet T7 and Comet Bradfield paths intersected in the one of the two fishes of Pisces directed towards the pole star. Water represents the deeper level of the conscious and biblically fish represent the souls of men. The two fishes represent the subconscious of men. The fish pointing northward towards the height of the heavens through the Milky Way and bordering Andromeda, the chained woman, represents the figuratively masculine saints while the fish on the sun's ecliptic next to Pegasus, the chief who goes and returns, represents the souls or conscious of the figuratively feminine faithful in Christ Jesus. These fishes' Coptic name is Pi-Cot Orion and according to Bob Wadsworth, means congregation or fishes of the coming prince. The star where the bands join is Okda, meaning the united in Hebrew and Al Rischa in the Babylonian, meaning the knot tied. Some say this star where the bands join is in the back of Cetus, the sea monster. Others say this star is shared with Aries in one leg. In any regard one band does cross a leg of Aires. One ancient Semitic name for Aries meant the sacrifice of righteousness. It was by the sacrificial blood of the Lord Jesus that these two types comprising the body of Christ become as one. Accordingly, the author prefers the view that the star, Al Rischa is in Aries. Other interesting star names in the constellation are Al Pharg, which means the pouring point of water and Al Samaca, meaning the upheld.

As can be seen from the illustrations below Comet Bradfield's path performed a loop as observed from earth when it approached Al Rischa meaning the knot tied. Not only did this comet make the loop at this point, it occurred when Comet Bradfield was at the apex of its brightness on April 14 and it occurred as the paths of Comet Q4 and Comet T7 were moving rapidly towards intersection, at their brightest, close to Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens.


Comet Bradfield Looping Around Al Risha, the Knot of Pisces

The apostle Paul was a figuratively masculine saint while the apostle Peter was a spiritually feminine faithful in Christ Jesus. In the last chapter of the gospel of John, John writes that Jesus said to Peter that when he was old another would gird him. This Greek word for girdle has it root in the word zone. Not only is this word zone associated with a Greek word for wed, it is used as a girdle for women or the girdling of women only, according to the Lindell Scott Jones Greek Lexicon. There are other words in the Greek language for a man's girdle. Today grooms and potential grooms are often asked about "tying the knot." This term has its origins in the ancient eastern custom of the groom tying the girdle of his bride during the wedding ceremony. Even today in the Hindu wedding ceremony this custom is retained. The groom ties a red cord around his bride's neck during the ceremony. The Romans, who most likely adopted and altered this custom, had the groom untie his bride's girdle during the wedding ceremony. So in a spiritual sense, Peter matured as a figuratively feminine faithful in Christ Jesus when he became old. And, as such, Peter was metaphorically wed to Paul who was figuratively masculine as a saint. In this relationship the two leaders of the early church became a primary representation of the great mystery soon to be fulfilled according to this heavenly sign.



Comet Bradfield Looping Around Al Risha, the Knot Tied of Pisces

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