7. Even the famous Church Father Origen speaks of the Holy Spirit as being feminine, when saying:

Paidiske de kypias tou hagiou Pneumatos he psyche.

The soul is handmaiden to her mistress, the Holy Spirit.

Another illustration is found in the now lost Gospel of the Hebrews (cf. The Lost and Hostile Gospels by Rev. S. Baring-Gould, London, 1874, pp. 130-1), probably one of the first ever written by Christian hands, extracts from which have survived in the writings of Origen and Jerome. This particular passage is quoted by Origen and runs as follows:

Arti elabe me he meter mou to hagion pneuma, hen mia ton trichon mou, kai anenenke me eis to horos to mega thabor.

Straightway my mother the Holy Spirit took me in one of my hairs and bore me to the great mountain Thabor. -- Homily xv, on Jeremiah and on John.

Similarly Jerome, another Church Father, wrote (Micheas, vii, 6):

Modo tulit me mater mea Spiritus Sanctus in uno capillorum meorum.

Then my mother the Holy Spirit took me in one of my hairs.