The extra ordinary display of the grouping of all visible planets in the spring of 4 BC


Spring of 5 BC Mercury makes a triple conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus

Summer of 5 BC Jupiter enters a retrograde zone and proceeds to make a triple conjunction with the Silver Gate of Heaven

Aug 5, 5 BC 1st conjunction

Nov 14, 5 BC 2nd conjunction

Mar 21, 4 BC Spring Equinox

Mar 24, 4 BC 3rd conjunction

March 28, 4 BC Hebrew Month of Nissan begins

April-May 4 BC All five naked eye visible planets and the Sun clustered within a 60-degree span from Aires to Gemini. Jupiter, the ruling star of the heavens. leads the way forward along the ecliptic.

April, 4 BC, A Nova, Super Nova or exploding comet appears in Aquila representing the ascending and descending Christ

April 4, 4 BC Mercury in retrograde makes the 1st and very close of a triple conjunction with the Pleiades. The star cluster, the Pleiades, were know as the congregation of the judge while Taurus’ other star cluster, the Hyades, were known as belonging to the congregation of the judge.

April 23, 4 BC Mercury makes the 2nd conjunction with the Pleiades

April 25, 4 BC Dark Moon Occults the Pleiades

April 27, Hebrew Month of Ziv begins

Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all gathered in a 45-degree span from Aires through Taurus to Gemini. In other words, all five naked eye visible planets plus the sun and moon appear together in 12˝ % or 1/8 of their circuit along the ecliptic around the zodiac

May 14, 4 BC Mercury makes its 3rd and final conjunction with the Pleiades

May 25, 4 BC The Sun and the Moon both cross over the silver gate of heaven May 26 4 BC

May 26, 4 BC Hebrew Month of Sivan begins. Zacharais’ course of Abia begins

June 12, 4 BC The sun passes over Jupiter in the midst of Gemini making it a planet visible shortly before the eastern sunrise rather than after sunset in the western sky

June 21, 4 BC Summer solstice – Moon Crosses Silver Gate of Heaven-John the Baptist conceived

Late July, 4 BC Mercury enters retrograde and makes a triple conjunction with both Porrima, the prophecy, and Zavijava, the corner, in the meaningful star group AWA in Virgo